We are a Full Service Hotel Company

Every decision is carefully scrutinized to ensure a successful outcome.




We Provide Services throughout the Full Hotel Development & Operational cycles

Taking a hotel project from a vision to a profitable asset can be a extremely formidable task. Fortunately Icon Lodging has traveled down this path numerous times and has streamlined the process. Developing hotels is not for the weak at heart. With so many moving parts, assembling the best qualified team is crucial to securing a project’s success. We have assembled this dream team and have delivered successful projects time and time again.

To say any process is perfect would assume we were living in a utopia. We take each granular business process and continually analyze and refine it to make it better. This builds our company culture of striving to be the best we can and a category leader in the hospitality industry.

This way of thinking helps shape our company throughout all divisions: hotel development, hotel construction, hotel management. It is with this spirit that we hope to partner with other leaders within the hospitality industry, such as franchises and partners, to develop not just hotels, but something truly special. Contact us to see how we can help bring merely a vision to reality!