Title Chief Engineer/ Maintenance Engineer
Salary TBD
Start Date 2019-11-13
Location Home2 Suites by Hilton Euless DFW Airport West,
Tru by Hilton Euless DFW Airport West
2570 State Highway 121 Euless, TX 76039
Job Information



Department: Maintenance

Type: Select Service/Extended Stay/Full Service

FLSA Status: Exempt / Non-Exempt



This position will play a key role in overseeing, coordinating and assisting the activities of the maintenance staff. Ensures repair, maintenance and engineering activities and the preventative maintenance program are completed as directed and supports or monitors capital repair and renovation projects.


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Effectively and professionally communicates with co-workers and Management.
  • Follows company policies and procedures.
  • Ensures all fire and safety inspections are completed and any discrepancies are corrected.
  • Responsible for the safety of the department and building.
  • Administers the preventative maintenance program as required, properly completing work orders on time.
  • Completes training regarding safety, security, department procedures and service guidelines. Conducts training of co-workers and subordinates as required.
  • Provides a professional image at all times through appearance and dress.
  • Meets with vendors and suppliers to discuss scope of, and products and materials used in, repair activities.
  • Obtains pricing and bids, or develops cost estimates as directed.
  • Supervises and assists engineering staff in maintaining and repairing fire and life safety systems, room equipment, HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems, kitchen appliances, refrigeration equipment, pool equipment, lighting, laundry equipment and other systems/equipment as directed.
  • Manages or assists in hiring, firing, training, assisting with career development and performance evaluations for maintenance staff.
  • Performs skilled repair and maintenance operations using power tools, hand tools, welding equipment, etc.
  • Monitors tool inventories.
  • Monitors supplies, places orders with approved vendors as needed.
  • Maintains working spaces in safe and clean condition.
  • Completes any required daily checklists as required by company

Note: Other duties as assigned by supervisor or management



Internal:   All hotel departments and Area Champion at the property level, Regional Chief Engineer and Corporate Director of Engineering – Field Operations at the corporate level

External:  Vendors: For purchasing and receiving supplies

Guests:  To provide customer service



Education/Experience: High School Diploma or GED equivalent. Two years of college or vocational training in electrical or mechanical engineering or plumbing plus six years work experience in facilities maintenance, plant operations or engineering services for a hotel or hotels.

Certification and/or License Requirement: Professional certification and licensure if required by law.  Minimum Type III EPA Certification for refrigerant reclamation and charging.



  • Technical crafts (HVAC, electrical, plumbing, etc.). Specialization in these trades is required. An ability to advance knowledge in these areas is essential.
  • Customer service
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to monitor contractor activity

Working Conditions:

 Will be required to work nights, weekends and holidays.

Will be required to work in fast paced environment.


Physical/Cognitive Activities:

The major responsibility in this position is supervising staff members and directing them to accomplish the maintenance and engineering functions of the hotel. This person must understand the practices, techniques and technologies required in the work they are performing or monitoring.

A significant portion of time will be spent moving about the hotel and frequent lifting of up to 75 pounds and carrying of up to 25 pounds may be required.

Reading and writing abilities are utilized in order to document or record all tasks delegated and completed, to order supplies or to read and understand equipment manuals and plans.

Reasoning abilities are always utilized.

Basic mathematical abilities are utilized a significant portion of the time.

This person will need to be able to react quickly in emergency situations and make decisions that may involve the safety of others or a great amount of money.


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Title General Manager
Salary TBD
Start Date 2020-01-24
Location Hampton Inn & Suites Colleyville
5300 State Highway 121
Colleyville, Texas, 76034
Tel: 817-318-5000
Job Information


Department:   Administrative and General

Type:   Select Service/Extended Stay/Full Service

FLSA Status:   Exempt



To manage the hotel’s operation and maintain established cost and quality standards in order to ensure superior service and maximize profits.


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Develops short and long term financial and operational plans for the hotel which support overall company objectives. Prepares the annual hotel budget.
  • Monitors hotel performance through verification and analysis of guest satisfaction systems and monthly financial reports. Initiates corrective action.
  • Manages all sources of revenue including the rooms, housekeeping, food and beverage, engineering, and other departments. Ensures all departments are profitable and maintain strong working relationships.
  • Works with the Director of Sales, if needed can performs duties of a Sales and Marketing manager including making marketing calls; attending community business functions; working with travel agents and direct bill accounts; and coordinating sales promotions.
  • Orders supplies and equipment as needed and in accordance to company procedures.
  • Ensures staff received proper training for each position, including safety training and standard operating procedures.
  • Inspects guests’ rooms, public access areas, and outside grounds for cleanliness and appearance
  • Adheres to all franchise and company procedures and regulations as well as standard operating procedures.
  • Ensures bank deposits are made daily
  • Promotes hotel’s policies and brand standards to employees and guests through direct and indirect interaction.
  • Allocates funds, authorizes expenditures and assists RDO in budget planning
  • Produces monthly financial reports and knows at all times where the hotel stands against budget.
  • Plans, implements and manages annual capital improvement projects with prior approval from VP of Operations or RDO.
  • Manages human resources functions of the hotel by controlling turnover, motivating employees, focusing on employee development and retention and conducting regular employee meetings.
  • Protects the hotel and its assets through enforcing and maintaining a preventative maintenance program.
  • Responds quickly to guest requests in a friendly manner. Follows up to ensure guest satisfaction.
  • Stays in compliance with all established ICON Lodging to maintain functional and effective computer systems and hardware.
  • Provides a professional image at all times through appearance and dress.
  • Follows company policies and procedures and is able to effectively communicate them to subordinates.
  • Ensures hotel is in compliance with all federal, state and local laws, including OSHA, EEOC, Wage Hour and Health laws.
  • Available 24/7 with reliable transportation.

Note:  Other duties as assigned by RDO or VP of Operations.



Internal:  All hotel departments and employees: For leadership and communication

External:  Account Executives: To promote business



Education/Experience: Four-year college degree or previous experience in the hotel hospitality field required.  Special consideration will be given to those who exhibit exemplary performance.

Certification and/or License Requirement: Alcohol awareness certification. General Manager and/or other certification as required by franchise.


Skills and Qualities:

  • Strong leadership skills.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Planning and organizational ability.
  • Customer skills.
  • Computer skills.
  • Accounting knowledge.

 Working Conditions:

Will be required to work nights, weekends and holidays.  Will be required to work in fast paced environment.  Will be required to be on call when away from work.


Physical/Cognitive Activities:

This description of physical and mental activities is not intended to describe essential job functions.  Rather, its purpose is to give the job applicant a feel for the physical and mental activities of the job to the end that an applicant with a disability can determine whether he or she will be able to do this job either with or without accommodations.

The major responsibility in this position is to oversee all of the major operations of the hotel.  Therefore a significant portion of time will be spent moving about the property listening and speaking to guests and employees.  Strong leadership and problem-solving skills will be used.  This person will need to have strong speaking, reading and writing skills to ensure effective communication throughout the hotel.   For effective communication and information exchange, this person also must utilize a computer. This is usually done while sitting down and typing.

A large portion of time of time is spent creating financial reports and interpreting and analyzing business records/ statistical reports. A portion of time will be spent assisting the sales force in developing and implementing effective sales and marketing strategies.  Mathematical skills are needed and include basic math, problem solving, reasoning, negotiating, budgeting, profit/loss concepts, variances and percentages are often used.

This person will occasionally assist in carrying heavy luggage or pushing carts requiring lifting of up to 50 pounds.  He or she will also spend some time moving about the hotel overseeing the various departments. This is usually accomplished by walking.


Organizational Structure:

  • Works closely with: General Manager
  • Subordinates: Front Desk Staff/Housekeeping Staff/Hotel Staff


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